The-Gold-20090614, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

It’s not often we get the Gold out here – the last time I can remember was four years ago …. it’s a Family Heirloom, not worth much actually apart from the sentimental value.
My Gt Gt Gt Gt something or other got it when he was in London in the late 1700s bailing his son out of prison for some heinous offence and since then we’ve only lost one fork from the whole set so it’s a bit special.
Anyway, yesterday evening we just had a lovely American couple from New York for dinner, and as they’re on their Honeymoon we thought we’d give them an evening to remember so served dinner off the Elphinstone plates – another heirloom – and ate with the Gold.
A very special time for them and we wish them all the best for the remainder of their time in Portugal – and of course for their marriage!