Crested-Tit-3006, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

Hah! Gotcha!
Sitting having breakfast this morning this flew into the willow tree outside the window; as luck would have it I was breakfasting with my camera set up on the tripod so, having dreamed of capturing a shot like this for years, finally all I had to do was be prepared – and have the magic cup of tea!
This is a real success for us here at the Quinta; as some of you know, I designed and planted the garden for the birds and wildlife just as much as for us humans, and I judge its quality by the amount of different species it attracts.
A few years ago I was over the moon when the first Serins moved in; now they’re a regular feature, but I’ve never seen a Crested Tit in the garden – until this year and I’m chuffed to blazes that they’re nesting right in front of the dining room now.