There's plenty to do!

For the active there’s plenty to do! Swimming, canoeing and fishing are available for children, beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike right on your doorstep, while a vast sparsely populated countryside dotted with small Alentejan “montes” set amidst hillsides of cork trees awaits all walkers; we’ll even provide the dogs if you want some company!


The surrounding countryside is a patchwork of Cork Oak forests, ("Montados"), and self-sufficient homesteads, small farms and eucalyptus forests. It is in a wonderful birdwatching area and the Quinta's owner, Frank, is a professional Birdwatching Guide who's been running guided birdwatching and photography trips throughout the whole of Southern Portugal for over 30 years. You can come on your own, with a partner or friend, in a group of your own making or with an Agency Group - in fact anyway you like!

Take a look at our Portugese Bird Watching Galleries hosted on Flickr here, or a larger selection of Frank's pictures from around the world can be seen on EyeEm here.

If you want to know what's about at various times of the year visit the Quinta's Birding In Portugal site. There's over a thousand pictures of the various species we see in the area in the Taxonomic Galleries.

2021 Retreat and Activity Weeks

Following our successful Batik'n'Birding Weeks and Printing with Birding Weeks over the last few years we planned to run some more again in 2020. However, unfortunately Covid's put an end to that but we'll be running them in 2021. For full details please click here.

The dates have not been finalised yet, but if you're interested in any of the below drop us a line and we'll make sure to send you the relevant information as soon as it becomes available. 

Marie-Thérèse King and Lucy Gell will be sharing a "Batik and Printing with Birding" Week which'll include the option of 2 local walks or hide Birding mornings with Frank as well as the optionional extra of a visit to a local potter and a Chocolate Museum. 

We'll also have a couple of weeks for those interested in having a week's holiday whose primary focus is Yoga and Wellbeing. 

Jamila Pumm will be leading a "Yoga of Bliss" week, Rosie and Emma Markwick will be leading a "Deep Dive Retreat"  and Wendy Palmer-Grove will be leading a "Wellbeing through Nature" retreat, (including Tai Chi Qigong, Mindfulness walks, meditation and yoga, Breath exercises, local Nature Walks and Coaching, all with no experience required).

In the meantime we have Kaian, our resident Yoga instructor, here for the next couple of months if you want to make the most of the end of the summer. 

Canoeing & SUPs

Canoes are included in the price of your stay, and there are SUPs, (Stand Up Paddleboards), also included. With a coastline just short of 250 kms there’s plenty of scope for exploration, and with no currents these water-based activities are as safe and enjoyable as you can get.

Yoga and Shiatsu Massages

We offer "Well Being" courses with accredited therapists and even have our own resident Shiatsu masseuse, Frank's wife, Daniela, who is always on hand and willing to smooth away those city stresses - even when the Quinta is not running one of it's definitive courses. There is also a large, open-air Shala available with mats etc for anyone to use at anytime free-of-charge. 


However it's not just nature and water lovers who benefit from the Quinta's geographical location in this sparsely populated region. The roads of the area, with beautiful sweeping curves and very little traffic, bring motorcyclists from all over the world and the Quinta's staff are always on hand to promote their favourite rides!


Golf is a sport enjoyed at its best in sunshine and generally good weather. Portugal and the Algarve in particular is world famous for its wonderful golf courses and the country is therefore a popular destination for golfing holidays. There are plenty of courses within an hour or so’s drive but two of the best are Palmares Golf, (located between Portimao and Lagos), and San Lorenzo Golf Course, (located just to the west of Faro). The former offers a wonderful combination of dunes and hills while the latter is currently rated number 1 in all of Portugal and indeed is regarded by many as one of Europe’s finest. You will find more information on these and other golf courses on the Algarve on


The Quinta’s lake is an excellent fishing location. The two main species on our doorstep are Wide Mouth Bass and Carp, and there’s no need to weigh yourself down with equipment as we have local professional Fishing Guides, complete with boats, rods, tackle and all the extras.

Authentic Cuisine

There is a professional chef at all times and breakfast, lunch and dinner are available for guests. Much of the excellent home-made food is fresh from the organic garden; honey from the hives on the hillside, free-range eggs from our local chickens, bread baked daily with flour from the local mill and, of course, fish from the lake. There's more information on this page.

The style is "International Home Cooking" , i.e. our meals are prepared on site with, as far as possible, local ingredients. There's lashings of it - you won't go hungry - and it's not from packets.