Put the treat back in Retreat!

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For those wanting to find a Themed Retreat, we have plenty to choose from ...

There's no problem coming on your own or with a group of friends, all ages and proficiencies are welcomed and we have Retreats throughout the year.

As regards other Retreats, following our successful "Batik'n'Birding" Weeks and "Printing with Birding" Weeks over the last few years we're running another again in 2022 with  Lucy Gell. This is now fully booked, but she's running another in October, 7 nights forward from the 8th, so if you're interested book direct with her through her website.

Marie Theres King Lucy Gell

Marie Thérèse King & Lucy Gell

We also have several other retreats for those interested in having a week's holiday whose primary focus is Tai Chi, Yoga and Wellbeing. 

Michelle Gupta will be running a week-long retreat of Tai Chi, (with Yoga classes given by Daniela), from 12th June. 

Michelle, a Holistic Instructor and Therapist based in Ireland - invites you to ‘Chi-lax‘ with her for a week of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Mindful walking, good food, sunshine, rest and relaxation. She aims to slow the tempo right down and tune into the rhythms of the Quinta, allowing space and time to relax, unwind and be kind to your body and mind. You’ll have the whole week to soak up the scenery and be inspired by the landscape. And to feel energised and restored by the classes. Daniela will also hold 3 yoga classes.


Originally from London, Michelle runs retreats in Ireland and overseas as well as being a Holistic Therapist specialising in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy. She believes in the power of human connection and her mantra is “together let’s make health, harmony and happiness a way of life”. She enjoys nothing more than sharing these ancient, flowing, energy arts - followed by a good cup of tea! 

Everybody is welcome, all classes will be guided by Michelle and suitable for beginners. No experience is necessary. For more details of these ancient, relaxing yet invigorating practices and to pay your deposit and book your place, visit her website embodyharmony.com.

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