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Core-Party-9715, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

Well, we had to have a party to celebrate Daniela’s and my marriage so we had a few friends over … the party was actually a run of parties, four days in fact, but these were the core members. This was taken before we sat down for the first night’s dinner; i might post some “during the party” shots but I think I’ll spare you the “after the party” ones ….


Loading-the-genny, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

A wicked crew! Funnily enough there were no accidents and nobody lost their temper, though at times there was a glut of Chiefs and not nearly enough Indians … Great to have so many old friends here – and their kids – all at the same time, the best birthday present ever!


Loading-the-genny-2, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

While everyone was over we finally sold the old genny – it’s gone for its future life to Guinea Bissau – but the question was – how on earth were we to lift it into the van? The above is the answer; props, wedges, blocks and jacks, bit by bit and watch your toes!