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Lake-Sunset-8800, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

One of the most amazing aspects about living here is the contact one has with Nature and the Natural World, and no time is this more apparent than at Sunrise and Sunset – especially at this time of year.

The two pictures above were taken on the same day, 25th September 2010, the sunrise half way towards starting a day’s birding out on the Plains – I just love the way the sun’s rising through the trees – and the sunset in the evening once we got back home again as the sun dipped below the hills and and bounced its light off the underneath of the clouds.

Stunning. There’s no other description …

Are there fish in the lake?

I’m often asked whether there are any fish in the lake; this little clip should provide the answer. I took it this morning while waiting for the Kingfisher to show up, but I think it’s too fat to fly at the moment!