Why? Let me tell you …

Male Montagu’s Harrier

Here at the Quinta it’s well known that we’re pretty “pro-nature”, but it’s not just because we have the most wonderful sights of Nature all around us on a regular basis that we’re so happy right now. No, it’s more than that …

In these days of the “Trash Tag” craze we like to remember that we’ve always done our bit for the environment over the years, raising awareness of conservation issues and living a sustainable life as far as possible. We’re lucky and there’s not so much trash around here so we raise a fair amount of money for charitable causes instead.

Southern Brown Argus

For example, last winter we donated to CABS, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter, who run proactive campaigns against poachers and the indiscriminate destruction of our avian heritage, and every August we donate at least £500 to the Birdfair to help them with their conservation goals … but this year we’ve hit the jackpot!

Male & female Sardinian Warbler

The BTO, (British Trust for Ornithology), have just been in touch to let us know that the week’s holiday we gave them from “Birding in Portugal” as a first prize in their annual raffle has raised over £34,000.

That’s right, over £34,000!

Now you know why we’re over the moon!