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It’s that time of year again …

Though we haven’t had any rain to speak of yet – we’ve had one thunderstorm and two days drizzle since May – it’s just damp enough to produce a lovely early crop of mushrooms and we’ve been busy little bunnies making the most of them. A fantastic bonanza of Caesar’s mushrooms, (like the basket-full Daniela has in the picture above), as well as Parasols a-plenty … Wonderful to be able to get out and about in such clean air, warm sunshine and beautiful countryside with the kids and the dogs and grab dinner from amongst the cork oaks!

Sulphur tuft, Hypholoma Fasciculare ( prev. Pholiota)

Pholiota 9074, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that catch one’s eye, and these, (which Keith has kindly identified as Hypholma Fasciculare), with the early morning frost highlighting their caps, just had to be shared.
I’m always willing to learn more from a real expert mycologist, so if you’re one and can id these professionally for me I’d love to hear from you.