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Sardinian Warbler (Silvia melanocephala)

The Quinta’s garden was designed to attract birds, and we’re able to leave a lot of the fruit we grow on the trees, which attracts a varied and increasing number of species.
This is a Sardinian Warbler, (one of a flock of 5 in the same tree), I snapped this evening just as the sun went down, stocking up on pomegranate seeds before roosting for the night …


Sometimes the simplest things just make the most startling photos … Waiting for the children to come out of school yesterday, the sun just dipped below the clouds and picked out this cabbage with its last rays. It seemed a pity not to share it.

Common Waxbills

Flocks of Common Waxbills very, well, common really right now! They seem to form flocks separated by age, with juveniles keeping to themselves. I always check them to see if there are any black beaks in red-beaked flocks and vice versa but never seem to find any ….


Had time on my hands yesterday waiting to pick the kids up from school and managed to bag this little critter right out in the open. Fantastic feeling to at last get one like this instead of the usual “blur in a bush”!

Sunset over the lake

Sunset over the lake, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

We had one of these this evening … ’nuff said really.
Lovely thing about living here is that you get these and also get to meet amazing people like Carlos last weekend – here’s his blog http://www.vai5.blogspot.com/ …. I never thought my first pictures on someone else’s blog would be from the old days despatching in London …. aaahhhh! “Those were the days my friends ….”